Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why kill time ?

When you can kill yourself ?

I was raped by the teacher of my second favourite subject.

I was paid for the privelege.

"Settlement" is something they paid for, not something I got, so payment only covers the holidays, not the ongoing effects. And the trauma turns out to be something (that it looks like) I need.

If you were to talk to Freud, you'd be frustrated after a few minutes, especially after the hours digging. But if you had more sense you'd read the books and welcome the long-limbed friend that is Thanatos.

And it is not a death thing, but it is that too,

How do you tell your 12 year old godson why you wear black? I told him about the Johnny Cash song, but I wanted to tell him about black.

I live with the constant thought of suicide coursing through the blood of my brain. Driving home is a constant catalogue of methods. I absolutely hate getting into bed without the guarantee of immediate sleep.

Thanks for sharing

That's all
I don't even think of you that often