Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok, here's the thing

I have this fag in a whalebone corset dragging his dick across my cheek, so I thought I should share.

If you do not understand basic build jargon you're gonna be, like so bored already, so a quick sanity check: if 4.5/RC11 is the not the current candidate for the latest release you should go here

And here's the thing, it's the same thing (or slight variations) every time. What is interesting between the release 4.5/RC10 and 4.5/RC11 is the crashes due to rpm-scriptlet failure within AGB in the former, and loss of GGW to MSC link in the latter. Do you have any idea how many "diff-instance-allowed-because"-type rules you have to get through before you notice that ?

Me neither, but they are playing "The (beautiful) Tennessee Waltz", so let's find out:

You'll need some background:

We build four projects, which I'll call
  1. RGW
    • includes AGB, compiled one way
  2. GGW
    • includes an AGB compiled another way
    • also includes APG, just for spite
  3. OMC
  4. RIAS

We build on many distros which I'll call Manriva/ake, Fedora Core and CentOS.
We have versioned (and other) branches, and just behind the trunk is 4.5. And if you are suprised that the latest release candidate is 4.5/RC11 then you really should go here.

Now, here's the input thing: thousands of log lines for every release, looks like
  • cmd
    • stdout
    • stderr

I need to prove (before Monday) that (and you, if you can login here or are an auditor, can check out the proof that) "Ok look, it's not a real problem, and sorry I'm out of office till Wednesday"

No, I lied, we need to prove (before Wednesday) that, like, whatever, today on this program you will hear gospel and rhythm and blues and jazz all those are just labels we know that music is just music. Gospel, gospel,must mean that I'm living in a world of blues, gospel, ...


P.S. An amazing guitar before he ... well ... yer man in the mission. Come back Andrew. There's more to forgive.

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