Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why bye instead of buy ?

Went along to Amazon tonight, as is my wont when I need a little retail therapy.

Jeff and I: we go way back, he's been minding my cards and filling my shelves for over a decade now. Ever since he threw in some free post-its into his first parcel (with "The End Of Science" and "The Art Of War" !! No, seriously, I just checked.) I've been hooked.

I especially like the recommendations, and have not minded telling them all the other albums / books I have, because the recommendations are bettered by that. I used to go to Amazon to get specific books that were not available here. But now I go to browse, starting with "Recommended for you". Of course, that was before Jeff found the place where the sun don't shine, and contrived to stick his head up there.

As I was saying before the context squeezed in - went along to Amazon tonight, and their first recommendation was Pet Shop Boy's "Bilingual". Strange, they know I own that (at least twice, nearly sure I have three different editions), don't tell me the Boys have re-packaged it again! Oh well, let's have a look.

Fish on a bicycle ! What a collection of "everything you ever wanted to know about this album, except info about the album itself".

My immediate (over?) reaction was to take their invite to write a review - but wrote about the page, not the CD. If they allowed it's publication the review is here. If they didn't, I'd like to mention: "Amapedia" ? Ha, Ha, WTF !

Either way, I just lost a lotta respect for Jeff, not that I ever had as much for him as I did for his big river. And I'm in the market for a new book-seller.

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