Saturday, March 07, 2009

How's yer head?

Today's a "head" day because of the confluence of a number of headings.

Firstly the youngster (who's not any more as young as that page makes him look) allowed to wonder whether my common greeting of "Howya head" originated from Dublin or Wexford.

I opined that it is Dublinese, but I ain't sure so I went online and quickly got side-tracked to the commoner phrase "How's your head", which turns out to have a salaciously subversive secondary semantic:

For me the primary intention of "How's your head" is a concerned solicitation as to the effect last night's few bevvies are having on your noggin. But it also (allegedly) is an insult to your professionalism, as it can be used to ask whether you are keeping the ship on the correct heading, which "can only deconstruct as an impugning of the helmsman's competence"

So the full meaning (when asked in the office of a Monday morning) turns out to be "How are we supposed to meet the deadline when you keep turning up with a hangover?"

But, "Howya head?" is a different contraction, expanding to "How are you, head?", and that's a usage of "head" that I've only ever heard in Dublin.

Secondly, I'm heading out of my mind again

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