Saturday, March 07, 2009

Can you turn that racket up?

A long time ago, well a few years back, in a land far far away (from any roving Death Stars) I wanted to expand the sound of my malleable music mp3s beyond the squeaky speakers of the little laptop.

So, as is fitting for a young hero at the start of a quest, I wandered on down to the nearest large settlement. Slight problem with trolls along the way (see here for more details) but I arrived at the palace of wonders eager, agog and aging.

Therein to gaze eagerly, longingly (and otherly as a real writer might say) on the Goodman's Wireless speaker and headphone socket. Oh that a such wonderful wonder could be so wondrous !

(Any real writers out there ? Need help, quick !)

I can't link you in to any particular catalouging of the charms of this wonder because Goodmans don't blow their own trumpet as loudly as the intertubes allow. More your behind-the-scenes, beavering-away, growing-great-gear -type company.

And this was great gear! Still is. Music outside of an evening, music in the shower, music while cooking, ... battery-powered speakers go anywhere. And better yet is that the broadcasting starts as a 3.5mm plug. And provides a pocket-sized, battery-powered 3.5mm socket.

It takes standard AA batteries and any ear-buds I want, not just stuck with the headpones "they" thought were good, and is cheap enough to allow a few extra euros on ear-buds. So, ... music while hoovering, music while my bed-partner sleeps, good music while she's got that "BIG music" on again!

For many years the kingdom was living happily ever after, until one day the evil witch turned up and said "Mu ha ha ha, you're still stuck on CDs in the car, n00b." Oh well, better get a TuneBase then.

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