Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why free CDs?

Because it is not finished yet. I'm not even sure if it fits onto that CD I burnt this morning.

If you are here because you got a free CD, then let me know whether it fit, please.

The artists are Alabama 3 (with a little help from Johnny Cash, [Site looks good, but doesn't work for me], and some movie dialogue thrown in for effect), and the tracklisting is:
  1. Intro

  2. Fixin' To Live

  3. U Don't Danse To Tekno Any More

  4. Honey In The Rock

  5. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, Know His Name

  6. Let's Go Back To Church

  7. Have You Seen Bruce (Richard) Reynolds With The Wild Bunch

  8. How Can I Protect You
    • item 1
    • 2

And, seeing the first one had it too, here's an exclusive, Not On The CD track. Haven't heard it myself, but I'll bet it's great.


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