Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why are we in the same time zone?

What's the difference between an Irish meeting "at 9 o'clock", and an English meeting "at 9 o'clock"? About half-an-hour (boom-boom).

Because to the Irish "at 9 o'clock" means leaving home then, and we'll all arrive where-ever it is within plus or minus of the intended event, as long as there's reasonable drink there. Ah no - coffee's fine at that hour, as long as it's decent coffee.

But some of the English are coming from 3 hours away, some from 5, so their "9" can only mean "in the office at 9".

Yes - I'm being audited today, and I was late for them.

But they've been over before, they were hardly expecting me to leave the house before a coffee ?


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